How to invest in stocks?

The first stage is to study about it, we suggest you look into B3 S.A.’s – Brazil, Bolsa and Balcão (old BM&FBovespa) website; to access the content, click here . Afterwards, it is necessary to search for a broker registered at B3, where you can find market professionals who can assist you. The stocks are traded on the internet through the Broker’s Home Broker.

On which Stock Exchange are Mater Dei’s shares traded and what are the trading code?

Mater Dei’s shares are traded under the B3 “Novo Mercado” (New Market) segment, the highest level of corporate governance, with the ticket “MATD3” since April, 2021.

What does Mater Dei being listed at Novo Mercado mean?

Novo Mercado is a segment of the B3 stock market destined for companies that fulfill minimum requirements and follow differentiated corporate governance rules. The corporate governance is a set of practice that ensures the safeguard of the stakeholders, optimizing the company’s performance. These practices concern, for example, transparency, fairness of treatment for all shareholders, and accountability. Mater Dei issues only common shares that provide to its shareholders the right to vote at the shareholders meeting and tag along rights, that ensures minority shareholders protection in the event of an ownership restructuring.

How can I track changes in Mater Dei’s stock price?

The Mater Dei stock’s price can be tracked on our investor relations website (with a small delay), click here, on B3 website and on the Home Brokers of the Brokers registered at B3.

How and when does Mater Dei discloses its information?

All material facts, earnings release and others notices to the market are disclosed simultaneously on CVM, B3 and on Mater Dei’s Investor Relations website (https://ri.materdei.com.br/en/). In addition, it is sent by e-mail to the people registered to receive our mailing. To sign-up, click here.

When will be the next earnings release?

Our event agenda is available at the investor relations website, click here.

To receive our e-mails update, click here.

How can I contact Mater Dei’s Invertors Relation Department?

You can contact our invertors relation team through our e-mail (ri@materdei.com.br) or click here to fill out the form with your message/question.