Awards and Recognition


We believe that our experience of more than 40 years in the healthcare industry has enabled us to achieve strong positioning in the medium and high-quality health services market, consolidating the Mater Dei brand as benchmark for quality in Minas Gerais and in Brazil. The importance of quality care throughout our network is evidenced by our track record in Brazil in securing world-class accreditations, which we believe establishes us as a benchmark for clinical and operating quality as well as patient safety. Our accreditations include:

(1) ONA III accreditation from the Brazilian National Accreditation Organization (Organização Nacional de Acreditações), or ONA, beginning in 2004, having been the first hospital located in a Brazilian capital city to obtain ONA III accreditation, which we have subsequently obtained several times;

(2) accreditation from the National Integrated Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations, or NIAHO, having been the first hospital located outside of the United States to obtain this accreditation; and,

(3) accreditation from the JCI since 2016 (we are currently the only Brazilian healthcare platform to have obtained this accreditation for all of our hospital units).

Noteworthy accreditations

Noteworthy awards